Working as a plus size model

There is nothing more amazing than having the opportunity to make your dream a reality and to become who you always wanted to be. Unfortunately, there are still certain positions that are considered to be appropriate for only some people, like 'models need to be skinny and tall'. Everyone already thought that it was the time for a short and plus size person to become a model.

It didn't happen overnight, of course, but slowly people on the top have realized that others won't read their magazines if they feature only ladies and standards that aren't reachable for normal people. Because of that a revolution started, and it proved that people can actually change anything, only if they are united and have the will to wait and fight for their rights.

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How can you become a plus size model?

The only thing one actually needs to be a model is uniqueness and the ability to show such and translate it into picture. That is what will make people stare and realize how beauty can be found everywhere and not only in tall, skinny and make-upped young ladies.

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You probably aren't one of them, so make sure to show them how you are just as amazing as they and how your body is desirable just as theirs.

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But be careful, because you don't want to become the bully right, you just want to teach people a lesson and make them realize how stunning you and people similar to you are. It might make an impact if you do it in the right kind of way, and not be a plus size model that does everything the same except having a larger body.

Remember, you personality is the one that brought you there and if you change it for worse, it might even bring you down to where you were before.

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